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Bennett: A Major Name in Local Health And Education Philanthropy

Stamford has cutting edge public facilities, and we have the Bennett Brothers, in part, to thank for that.  The Stamford Hospital Carl and Dorothy Bennett Cancer Center provides top-of-the-line care to cancer patients.  The Harry Bennett branch of the Furguson Library, located on the grounds of a middle school, buzzes with activity and free programs nearly every day.  I feel blessed to live with so many opportunities to enjoy movies, author-led book discussions, health care lectures, music concerts, classes for seniors on living in the computer age, toddler programs – all for free care of  thriving organizations like Friends of Ferguson or Bennett Cancer Care Educational Programs.

Allow me to indulge in a bit of Yolen-Bennett history.  Some of you might remember  Caldor’s, the Target of its day that occupied the corner of Summer St. and Broad St. where Burlington Coat Factory is now.  The first Caldor’s was opened in Port Chester,NY in the early 1950’s.  Caldor’s was a “discount” shop before its time – the brainchild of owners Carl and Dorothy Bennett who combined their first names (Cal and Dor) to forever go down in retail history.  In the early 1950’s, my Grandpa Sam Yolen also had a business in Port Chester; Modern Tobacco Co., which sold tobacco and candy products to retailers.  One of those retailers, of course, was Modern’s neighbor, Caldor’s.  My family and the Bennetts were acquaintances, if not friends.    Unlike Caldor’s, Modern Tobacco never went on to greater acclaim.  Sadly, there are no Yolen wings of hospitals or library branches. website offline . hosting information  So this is my way of saying that I admire the Bennetts greatly for their monumental contributions to the city of Stamford.  I’d like to publicly thank the Bennett family here, because a  lot of what I  post  – many of the free programs that I identify on this website- stem from their generous gifts.

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